3 Myths Investors Believe

Myths and Fables have been around as long as people have communicated. Today the myths seem just as real a when we were kids. And just as scary for those that believe in them.

Myth #1 Cash is Trash

Cash has been much maligned as an investment due to historically low returns, in some cases zero or even negative.┬áIt may not be viewed that way for much longer…(Read more)

Myth #2 My Portfolio is Diversified

You have followed the playbook preached to you since you started investing. (Read more)

Myth #3 Debt is an Asset

The world has issued over $200 trillion in debt or over one quadrillion in debt and derivative exposure. Many have recently stretched the debt out as far a they can, which is smart on their part. But somebody holds these and believes they’re assets. The time value of money, money multiplier…(Read more)